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During Multicultural Education class for the MAT program, our group worked with Culturally Responsive Curriculum Standard (CRCS) D. We made a poster that explained some of the aspects of the Standard. We also came up with a few ideas that we could incorporate into a lesson. Our group had an idea that in a class, we could read text from a book but then as a group creates a story to go with the text to make it more memorable.

In another twist, we had an idea that we could listen to a story and then transfer it to text or images on paper. This would create a way to bring in different learning styles when dealing with important issues. The CRCS for D is listed below.

Culturally Responsive Curriculum Standard D:

A culturally-responsive curriculum fosters a complementary relationship across knowledge derived from diverse knowledge systems.

A curriculum that meets this cultural standard: 1. draws parallels between knowledge derived from oral tradition and that derived from books;

1. draws parallels between knowledge derived from oral tradition and that derived from books;

2. engages students in the construction of new knowledge and understandings that contribute to an ever-expanding view of the world.

2 thoughts on “Standard D Poster”

  1. Hey, David!

    Thank you for your detailed sharing of Standard D. Also, your group’s lesson plan ideas are great! I particularly like the idea of listening to a story and copying it down in whatever visual way resonates with the student. Accessing all the learning modes is so important!

  2. Hey David,

    Your poster demonstrates how students, or humans for that matter, take in information in one form, but show it in different ways. Information normally goes through the eyes or ears, but will be demonstrated by writing or actions. Information goes to a persons brain in multiple ways, and I would like to thank you and your group for showing it in such an interesting way.

    Thank you,
    Mason Shearer

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