620 Post #2: Big Ideas

Blog Post #2: Research the GLE’s (Grade Level Expectations) and Alaska State Student Standards for content and performance for your discipline. What are you teaching at the moment that might be considered a big idea? Why is it a big idea? Anything that might be considered “worth being familiar with” or “ Important to know and do?”

Alaska Standards – History

A:) A student should understand that history is a record of human experiences that links the past to the present and the future.
A student should understand historical themes through factual knowledge of time, places, ideas, institutions, cultures, people, and events.
A student should develop the skills and processes of historical inquiry.
A student should be able to integrate historical knowledge with historical skill to effectively participate as a citizen and as a lifelong learner.

This past week we have been reviewing Ancient Civilizations in world history through a variety of methods and topics that touch on the standards above.  It started with a timeline where students placed tools/inventions/scientific accomplishments on a large calendar which allowed them to gain an understanding of the links between past and present and the role innovations played in civilizations (A).  They also did a project learning about historical inquiry processes by going through teachers ‘trash’ to study them, learn about them, and figure out who’s trash belonged to who (C).  This lead into students working in group’s to study and ‘retell’ origin stories from different cultures/civilizations and then discussing similarities, themes, and their role in history, connection to place, social structures, people, cultures, etc (B).

A big idea would be understanding perspectives of/on history, connections between past and present.

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