A Home In Transition

For This Reason – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

In this haikudeck, I am trying to get across that my home is changing.  Up to and including the frog picture, all of the pictures are from Pennsylvania.  After the frog picture, all of the pictures are for Alaska.  The reference from Genesis of course has to do with my upcoming marriage, which is the reason that I am changing my home.  The frog is Pennsylvanian, like me, and relates to fairy tales about frogs being kissed and becoming princes.  (I can only hope that this will be the case for me as well.)  I met him at a point of transition in my life, so I thought he’d make a nice point of transition in this presentation.

On another, more personal note, I took the first picture in the collection for my mom on her birthday in 2012 while I was working in the natural gas industry.  All of the Pennsylvanian pictures after that first picture were taken around that time as “romantic messages” for a former girlfriend.  After the frog picture, all of the flowers, from my “new home,” Alaska, are for my wife-to-be.  But in truth, I think they are all for her and they were always all for her.

The movement of the piece from mother to failed attempt at relationship to wife is meant to reflect the scripture verse as well.

I see this program as having some serious potential use where I will be student teaching in Napaskiak.  Many high school students in that village struggle mightily with English language skills and are (quite frankly) presently unable to come anywhere close to composing formal academic essays.  However, the whole body of students are, as a group, quite comfortable with the use of images and can be quite clever with subtle and expressive artistic forms such riddles or dance.  I think that haikudeck would be a natural way to encourage students to tell stories or express themselves artistically.  I might also think about tying it to local photography and (for example) ask students to create a visual presentation of local history based on photographs that they are presently taking.

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