ALST 600 Reflection

This was definitely a different approach and a very intense three weeks of project-based learning.  Thankfully when I look back on my education I have had the chance to do project-based learning that was a full semester long, with lectures, short essays, presentations, small group projects, community service, social events, and tasks all mixed in.  It was a class I truly enjoyed, and what I reflect on when I have a chance to dream about what my ideal classroom and courses would look like one day.  Similar to how this class was set up, we were definitely at different levels of commitment to the class, with very different perspectives that we brought into the class and what we felt we could gain from the class.  Some did bare minimum, some stayed in their comfort zone, some went above and beyond, others sought out leadership roles, while others focused on doing a little bit of everything to help out.  There was a lot of frustration, but all of the different tasks involved throughout the semester built on each other and built towards the final product and creating a cohesive cohort of students.

For this project-based class there was less time to complete the task as a whole group and it was the first time this was done for the MAT program.  There were some things I wish had been done differently or on a different timeline – some things felt more reactive than proactive, but that all comes with it being the first MAT ibook.  I appreciated the effort and collaboration between the two classes and instructors, as a student the shared level of collaboration and individual passion in the subjects they were teaching did compel me to work harder to infuse the two and match those levels of critical thinking and application.  As a teacher, this solidified that one day (when all the rookie teaching years are out of my system) I would love to pursue a chance to team teach or do block period classes with another content class, as well as partner up with classes in lower levels  (middle school and elementary).  The teacher in me saw that creativity takes a lot of work and a lot of planning, but it pays off.

3 thoughts on “ALST 600 Reflection”

  1. Mischa – Thank you for sharing an honest reflection on working together in a project-based setting. I am about to teach in a constructivist classroom and I know that I will enjoy, but also be frustrated by, giving students a chance to work through the process together. There were many moments where I thought about how we could have done our iBook project differently. I had to try and step back and let everyone work in their own way… which was hard for me. This: “…some things felt more reactive than proactive, but that all comes with it being the first MAT ibook.” Thank you.

  2. Learning to work with others is crucial in a world so full of people. It is good to be able to have some good humor on the many type A, helicopter-parented control freaks that are out there. Of course, everyone needs a voice in a group. I enjoyed meeting and working with you! I like what David was saying about Tklinkit culture making connections instead of compartmentalizing. My undergrad was in the interdisciplinary sciences so I am all about it!

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