ALTS 600

I learned how to use technology to help teach, I learned that if the project is going to be presented to the public people will work a lot harder on it. I also learned how to make a basic lesson plan. I think the most important thing I learned/improved was how to work in groups. It can be a lot of work keeping everything organized and everybody on the same page. This can be even harder with electronic projects were it seems like we spent a lot of time dividing things up putting it all together then dividing it up again.

2 thoughts on “ALTS 600”

  1. Yes working in a group can be hard, like a bureocracy. However, there is less of a system of checks and balances when working by yourself. “Two heads are better than one.” That is if you can get them working together; therein lies the rub.

  2. I too found group work to be a bit challenging, but we made it out with a pretty good product. And as an added bonus, we learned how to use iBooks, which was totally daunting to me at first. Thanks for your post, Luke!

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