Curriculum B

Standard B: A culturally-responsive curriculum recognizes cultural knowledge as part of a living and constantly adapting system that is grounded in the past, but continues to grow through the present and into the future.

I remember that for our group it took us a little while to think of culture as a changing system, but once we got on that tack we realized how many options there were. We settled on how boarding schools changed native Alaskan culture because they had such a big influence on how things are now.

2 thoughts on “Curriculum B”

  1. Hey, Luke!

    Thanks for recapping about your group experience with the curriculum discussion. I would love to hear how you would apply the topic of boarding schools with your content area, especially with this idea of being grounded in the past but being open to future change!

  2. Luke,

    Also interested in how this will be used to move forward. We all know now that boarding schools have left tremendous scars on the people who endured such harsh treatment. We are entering a time of rebuilding for many and it would great to see more indigenous knowledge integrated into the curriculum.

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