Parker/ Palmer

To me this quote means that a teacher needs to be there for their students when they’re in trouble. Also the more you love teaching the harder it can be.

I had a teacher that asked me if I was alright after my house burned down. She was the choir teacher. She was always a very compassionate teacher. Other than that I can’t think of a teacher that I connected with in this way. I was never comfortable with compassion and that sort of thing when I was young, so I think that’s part of it.

I responded to the quote in Scott’s section, but everybody else seems to be responding to the paper. O.K.

I had a history teacher that reminds me so much of the second mentor the writer had. He would talk loudly and always be walking around while he spoke. When he talked about something he acted it out with his hands. When we were learning about the Romans I remember he would hold his arms like he was carrying a sword and shield whenever he talked about gladiators. I also remember that if you ever arrived early to class you had a better than even chance of sitting through Spanish soup operas until the bell rang. Basically a very good and energetic teacher who was just a little odd.

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