Parker Palmer’s Heart of a Teacher: Going Deep

Newly returning to student status and having been working within a number of disciplines that do not encourage colorful or heartfelt sentiments in writing I am hoping to be able to make the necessary adjustments to ‘spruce’ up my writing a bit. Reflecting upon my days in middle school so many years ago I do recall that I was fortunate enough to have several caring and compassionate teachers. Despite their caring,and in some cases, I was unreachable, however I have some of my fondest memories of two in particular that pushed me and let me figure some things out on my own then they pushed again and again. They were relentless in their resolve and for that I am forever grateful. Although I did not see it that way then, looking back I recognize the passion, determination, persistence, patients, and caring that drove good teachers to work each day, to press on, and into the resistance of adolescent rebellion. They clearly did not require a breakthrough moment nor were they going to get one. They did make one hell of an impression though and look at me now; thirty years have passed and I’m still thinking of them. Funny really, I want to do what they were doing; helping others find their way. At a distant starting point, staying true to themselves yet reaching deep to make contact to their student’s inner teacher, I only hope my heart can take it.

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