Reflection of Elder Visit

I am very humbled to have been given the opportunity to listen to the wisdom Selina, David, and Linda so graciously imparted to us today. I’m struggling to find words that truly encompass the value in the amount of meaningful advice we received today. In spite of all the pain and intense heartache my people have caused, I have been showered with blessings in the most powerful form available, their native language. Their blessings to teach the most precious thing anyone has to offer the world–their children, their future. How humbled I am. How I hope I can inspire our youth to believe in themselves, to appreciate the beauty that lives within us all, to put their hearts into everything they do.

2 thoughts on “Reflection of Elder Visit”

  1. LB, I appreciate the fact that you are open to transformation and to being accountable for your privilege. That is a very special attribute that you possess.

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