Wisdom from the Elders

What advice did you hear that resonated with you?

What implications might this have for you as a teacher?

When Linda talked about the students she knew that didn’t do well in school simply because they didn’t see how what they were learning related to them or why it was important. David also talked about this and how he did much better in school once he realized its usefulness and importance. This resonated with me because I see it so often in schools, when students don’t care about what they are learning they don’t do well. As often as I can I want to show students why the things they learn in school matter and how they can use the knowledge they are gaining. I also like the part where Linda talked about the kid who came up to her and realized that everything we learn in school is connected. I liked this part because it remained me of the times when I’ve seen students make similar connections, and how eager they are to share these realizations.


One thought on “Wisdom from the Elders”

  1. It brought childhood memories when Linda mentioned that she didn’t do well because they did not feel school was important. The stuff that we learned had nothing to do with what we had to do at home. This tells me that I need to clearly explain why the subjects we are learning are very important to know.

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