Where I’m From, Ketchikan AK

How I got here. – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

I have learned from this activity that technology can be useful for teaching to an extent. It can make projects easier to organize and research. Haiku deck is a great example of a program where you can easily jump in and get started and programs like Google are great for research. On the other side of the coin technology offers many opportunities for distractions and procrastination students can easily get caught up on Facebook or messaging each other on google docs. I think a good way of utilizing technology involves having the students complete what they can before bringing out the computers. For example have them plan out their slideshows on paper before starting on the computers.

When using technology to teach it isn’t just about learning the subject matter, allowing the students to learn how to use technology productively is also an important skill. Many students grow up to use similar technologies at work and throughout their daily lives.