Idea: Thematic Comparative Lit & Podcast Project

Lesson Idea -Southeast AK

8th Grade Literature Arts

Thematic Comparative Literature

Time frame approx. 2 weeks

The Big Question: How do certain themes in Native Alaskan stories compare across cultures?

What to do: Students will read English translations of Native Alaskan stories and discuss the themes that emerge. Students will then decide what theme they would like to explore further. They will be placed in reading circles based on their chosen theme. Each group will select a story or stories from another culture to further explore their theme.

-Ongoing journal reflections with opportunities for students to respond to one another

-Full class discussions will take place so that we can discuss themes cross culturally.

-Ongoing self-evaluations and group evaluations

AK Native Sources:

Books by Nora and Richard Dauehauer

Haa Tuwanáagu Yís, for Healing Our Spirit: Tlingit Oratory.

Haa Shuká, Our Ancestors: Tlingit Oral Narratives.

Culminating project: Students will create their own stories based on their theme. Stories will be recorded to be presented as a podcast.


2 thoughts on “Idea: Thematic Comparative Lit & Podcast Project”

  1. Shannon, I love this idea! I feel like we have a similar thought-process, but unique final products. I’d love to pick your brain on a more regular basis. You could even create a book with your students work as a culmination product (like we are doing!).

  2. Lots of opportunities to compare themes across cultures. Might be interesting for them to contextualize and see how literature borrows and adapts across cultures, genres and era.

    You might look at A national project to record and share stories. Even a free app for smartphones to plan, record and broadcast.

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