Place-based & Culturally Responsive Curriculum at Dzantik’i heení

Blog #1: What are examples of place-based and culturally responsive curriculum/instruction at your school?

There are a number of place-based and culturally responsive curriculum/instruction happening at my school. In my own science and social studies classroom my host teachers have been mindful to include Tlingit language and place names in the landforms and mapping units. I was invited to develop and teach a lesson on Maps from around the World, which included different world views, and approaches to mapping by indigenous peoples.

Tlingit language is in the 6th grade exploratory rotation so that all incoming sixth graders have the opportunity take Tlingit language.

There are also several math classes which focus on place-based and culturally relevant math approaches.  One of the 6th grade teachers is currently teaching the Math in a Cultural Context kayak unit with their extreme class.

The Stikine house also visited Sealaska Heritage Institute this week to listen to Elders David Katzeek and Paul Marks on the meaning and importance of Aa.toow as a part of their Archeology unit.

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  1. Stikine House is a great placement for you! The team is committed to place-based, culturally relevant teaching and YOU bring so much to the class in that area.

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