ED 631

Phrenology head from The Household Physician, 1905
Phrenology head from The Household Physician, 1905


ED 631 Educational Psychology

Essential Question: How does theory and research about the learning process, human development and student motivation inform effective teaching practices?

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to extend the knowledge of educational psychology principles that influence effective learning and teaching.  The course will focus mainly on the theories and research underlying our knowledge about the various components that comprise the global term, educational psychology. The basic premise underlying this course is that educational psychology is primarily concerned with the nature, conditions, outcomes, and evaluation of classroom learning. Therefore, those aspects of psychology most relevant to education will be emphasized, including cognitive development, learning theory, social development, motivation theory, and student assessment. In addition, this course will introduce students to specific instructional approaches that are responsive to the diverse needs of today’s students.

  1.  First Post:  Teaching with Heart, Parker Palmer.

Image Credit: William Crewel link Phrenology head from; The Household Physician, A Twentieth Century Medica, published by the Physicians’ Publishing Co. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1905.

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