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Juneau Fire Department on Front Street with hose cart, ca. 1890
Juneau Fire Department on Front Street with hose cart, ca. 1890

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Image credit: Juneau Fire Department on Front Street with hose cart, ca. 1890

Courtesy of the Alaska State Library Historical Collections, Winter and Pond photograph, ASL-PCA-87
Members of the Juneau Fire Department stand Front Street with hose cart in 1890. These were the men and boys of Hose Company Number 1. Valentine’s Jewelry Store is at left. Emery Valentine, later the Mayor of Juneau, is second fire fighter from left. Percy Pond is seventh from left, and Lloyd Valentine Winter is tenth. Signs in image: Hose CoM’Y 1, Central Telephone Office, Bakery, The Juneau, Joe’s Popular Restaurant, Dealer in General Merchandise.