University of Alaska Southeast – Juneau. The Master of Arts in Teaching program for Middle Grades and Secondary Education (grades 6-12). Our graduates will be informed, reflective and responsive teachers within diverse classroom, school and community contexts.

EDET 632

Internet in Education – More

ED 620

curriculumCurriculum Development – more


ALST 600


Alaska Studies – More

ED 680

An Inupiat family from Noatak, Alaska, 1929. by Edward S. Curtis

Multicultural Education- More

ED 631

Phrenology head from -featuredEducational Psychology – More

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UAS MAT Student Stories


For more than two decades, the UAS Secondary Master of Arts in Teaching program has provided pathways for Alaskans from many walks of life to become certified Alaskan teachers.   Here, former and current MAT students tell their stories. Watch their videos.