ALST 600


This course will utilize a project-based approach to Alaska Studies with a focus on how instructional practice can be enhanced through integration of educational technology in a student-centered classroom. Many components of the course will be integrated with ED 680.

Alaska Studies: The history of Alaska consists of periods of balance and symmetry, as well as conflict and hardship in terms of the societal, political, cultural, economic, and environmental evolution of the state. Our class activities will give us a chance to explore:
1. What are the cultural and historical perspectives that have influenced the evolution of Alaska?
2. What should future generations know about the history and cultures of Alaska in order to be effective stewards of Alaska?
3. What does culturally responsive, place-based pedagogy look like in your discipline?

Resources Page


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600 Assignments / Date

  1. June 13: Teachers will be completed in-class. No advance prep.
  2. June 14: Tech meets place. Students will get their new WordPress accounts and complete one of two in-class activities. Where I’m From or PlaceStudents should read both in advance and think which lesson they want to try and how they will respond. Intro activity Gapminder World more about Alaska Geography
  3. June 15: Historical Thinking – Lecture and activities on June 15. Advanced reading required before our class.
  4. June 16 or 17: Students should follow this lesson Artifact Assignment to develop a blog post based on their museum visit (due day following your visit)
  5. June 18: Idea – Students should post an initial idea for their lesson my Sat.
  6. June 20: Students will work in their design groups
  7. June 21: AM Visit to SLAM. – Western Maritime, South Central, Southeast. PM work session back at UAS
  8. June 22: AM visit to SLAM – three remaining regions. PM work session back at UAS
  9. June 23: Integrating literacy skills in your lesson
  10. June 24: Rough draft of region due by end of class
  11. June 27-30: In class project development
  12. July 1: Final post – Reflection on Alaska Studies

Online Text

alaska humanitiesWe’ll use Alaska History and Cultural Studies as our online textbook for ALST 600. It is searchable by era and region.

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ALST 600 Instructor – Peter Pappas

peter-headshotPeter Pappas is a University of Portland-based educator, writer and instructional designer exploring the intersection of teaching, learning and new technologies. He also serves as adjunct instructor at the University of Portland’s School of Education. Online at EdMethods

For more visit his blog Copy/Paste or follow him on Twitter 

Contact Peter here

Image credit: Miss Gracie Robinson, Dawson, Yukon Territory, ca. 1898.
Studio portrait of woman dressed in furs with gun on shoulder .
Caption on image: “Miss Gracie Robinson Dawson Y.T.”
Eric A Hegg, photographer. See more of his photographs here
University of Washington Libraries. Special Collections Division