BH&H Reflection

I thoroughly enjoyed the class presentations and discussions on “Beyond Heroes & Holidays”. The small groups gave everyone a chance to speak out equally and respond in an organized way. I enjoyed examining a small fraction of the article in detail while absorbing aspects of other parts of the article.

Our discussion delved into the core of racism and other “isms” that face our education system. In order to teach in a multicultural curriculum, we must look at our underlying beliefs and ask ourselves how we can address these issues in the classroom. I’ve learned that these issues go a lot deeper than classroom differentiation… we need to cultivate these differences in our own classroom culture in addition to being active in our school and hometown communities. Because these issues are evolving, students are changing, and our fight for equality is institutional, we should strive to always find a better solution.

Two of the new wall words that resonated with me the most were “uncomfortable” and “white privilege.” Uncomfortable was a word that my group came up with and represents how we should always be uncomfortable as teachers. Discomfort shows ability to remove oneself from their own cultural perspective to see another, the obligation to be active and an advocate for your students, and changeability. To me, “white privilege” is the social and systemic benefits I experience in the society in which I live. In order to get every student to the same educational goal, students need to be given an equal classroom experience. By acknowledging our own privilege, we will begin to understand the barriers our students face every day.

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  1. Thank you Ruth for your thoughtful reflection. I especially connect with your desire to be active and foster relationships within our schools and hometown communities.

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