WWII in Alaska

Here is the lesson I developed for a unit on WWII.

The National Park Service has lesson plans on Attu and Kiska during WWII. I used parts of their lesson including their photographs (link 1, link 2, link 3)

Here is a Time article with a variety of pictures from the Aleutians during WWII. I used this as a transition activity for students who finished the reading/ group discussion early.

Aleut Story is a documentary on the Aleut relocation/internment. In class I used the following youtube clips:                                                                    -Aleut Story 2, minutes 1-3                                                                             -Aleut Story 3, minutes 7:20-8:40                                                                  -Aleut Story 4, minutes 5:50-7:18                                                                   -Aleut Story 5, minutes 1:30-6:20

I also brought in the book Aleutian Sparrow, which could easily be incorporated into this lesson.

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