A Teacher’s Work is Never Done

The horizon is just a little further; keep going.

One of the most striking passages that I read from the Beyond Hero’s and Holiday’s, was the one that says “we must help people recognize that so long as some groups are excluded and alienated from educational and occupational opportunities, our world is precarious.” From what I can tell and predict, there will ALWAYS be some group somewhere, somehow that is excluded or alienated. Thus, our world will always be precarious.

This is an ongoing battle that will never end. We can try and try as hard as we can, but we will never achieve a perfect world that all people are treated equally. Because of this, I predict that even though some teachers will put up a huge effort to having a diverse curriculum, there will always be something somewhere with someone, that will not be quite right.

In this way, it is like chasing down the horizon. The horizon will always be  there and seemingly the same distance away despite your valiant efforts to get closer to it. But, keep chasing that rainbow because there really can be a student that is stronger and more included than they were yesterday because of you. Tomorrow, there will be another student that is alienated and another that you may reach on your journey to the horizon.

I am on that journey to the horizon.

4 thoughts on “A Teacher’s Work is Never Done”

  1. David,

    So beautifully written- thank you! I greatly enjoyed hearing your thoughts in our group discussion. That quote you found really resonated with me as well. Our work is never finished!

    I also loved this quote you wrote: “But, keep chasing that rainbow because there really can be a student that is stronger and more included than they were yesterday because of you.”

    Instead of getting overwhelmed about making a huge impact on every child, our goal should be to empower them every day and take it from there, keeping our dreams big as well as our hearts.

  2. You’re right, David. It can feel hopeless, to be honest, but I keep reminding myself that each small improvement is worthwhile. When we were discussing our visions for schools in class the other day, I found myself falling into impossible, utopian cliches, which caused me to reconsider if this vision was even worth having. There will always be deep problems with education. But sometimes having unrealistic hopes and expectations is the best way to bring about improvements, however small they might be.

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