• Who created it
  • Where the object is from
  • When the object is from
  • What drew you to this object
  • What else would you like to know about this object or its maker?

This is a Yup’ik crow mask made in 1946 by Sam Hunter, a Yup’ik man from Hooper Bay. I was drawn to this object because of the seal coming out of the raven’s mouth. A lot of Yup’ik carvings depict a human form-or what appears to me as a human form- coming out of an animal body. This one was different because it was an animal coming out of another animal. I am curious about the significance of this. I also wonder if there has been a loss or weakening of the symbolic significance in native art work over time in order to make it more marketable to a white audience.

One thought on “Artifact”

  1. On the subject of marketing – did you by any chance see the ivory Donald Duck? I actually found it sort of charming, because I grew up on Donald Duck comics, but it definitely highlighted to me the way that outside demand can sometimes affect the subject matter of Native art.

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