BH&H reflection

I really enjoyed our section in the BH&H readings we had to share in the little groups today.  We were section 8: The True Colors of the New Jim Toomey.  My favorite part about this section of the reading was the wonderful examples of transformation the teacher had in her classes.  I think there is something to be said for the message she was able to get across and the work the students put into it.  The overall encompassing idea I got from the reading was, “In order for students to truly appreciate the story of the other they must first have a sense of themselves as people with stories, with voice, with awareness of rootedness. They need a sense of belonging or pride associated with family, place, particular relationship, heritage, experience, competency, or struggle.”  This idea is key for all human beings and not just in the classroom.  I feel like our multicultural ed class is really bringing this point to light as well.

Another part in this section talks about activities the teacher had the students do.  It was something similar to our “object” sharing we had in class last week.  The teacher in the article, and Angie, created a safe place and then wanted the students to feel like they were being heard about something they feel passionate about.  I think this simple message can go a long way.  I remember my junior english class for this same exact reason.  Everyone in my class had to bring a song that they felt connected to and wanted to share.  We didn’t have to explain why we picked the song, just that it had to mean something to us.  During class, he played all of our songs….One after another.  When it was my turn for my song to be played, I was anxious but excited at the idea that someone might understand me just a little better.  And that I didn’t have to express what it meant to me in front of the class.  The assignment afterwards was a reflection-type writing about any song you heard that day.  I loved this activity and it all goes back to feeling like my passion/voice was heard.

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