Blog # 4

What are the requirements and guidelines for curriculum and assessment in your school? How does your host teacher address district goals and mandates?   How does this relate to teacher evaluation?

Curriculum for science classes follows the relevant standards.  Curriculum, standards and assessment join together to help the teacher provide the best learning experiences for students. My host teacher assesses students’ progress on the curriculum content that is presented to them. The information teachers gather about student’s progress helps determine how to design the classroom, the kinds of experiences, and the content that will help students learn new skills. I noticed that regular (or ongoing) assessment gives me the information I need for lesson planning and helps me create stimulating learning environments for all my students. At Petersburg High School assessment is encouraged to be varied and include formative assessment although specific assessment mandates are in place mostly for reading and math.  Teacher evaluation includes a section on assessment, but actual observations are limited, so mostly only formative assessments are included.

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