Bound to Break

As a student, the Parker Palmer post reminds me that there is so much that is connected and intertwined with the class work that we do and the work that the teachers do. This connectedness reaches out past the student and teacher and beyond the school. It flows into the families of the students and teachers and into the community. teaching and learning can be like a weed that runs rampant into the fields and crops. This spreading, however, can be a positive thing because it encourages others that interact with the learning to do the same thing.

There are teachers that I’ve had in the past that remind me of this passage from Palmer. Mrs. Kent from high school put in a lot for her students and it went beyond what was expected of her. She had done so much over the years that I’m sure her heart was pulled and broken many times.

In the future, I hope to tie together the students that I work with and the school and community that they are from. I know that I am bound to break my heart from the work that will be going into the students and the students that will affect me emotionally.

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