Cultural Standard D

Our group tackled Standard D, which talks about drawing parallels between traditional cultures and modern cultures, building knowledge from global sources rather than the more in-the-box ‘standards.’

For the poster our group took the common story of Romeo and Juliet that most students have heard of and took it to different settings–what would this story look like in the science class? We realized salmon die after they mate and made the connection. Meanwhile in traditional Tlingit cultural practices there was (and still is) a cultural taboo about marrying within your moiety, so Romeo and Juliet rather than coming from different houses might both be Ravens.

Standard D is all about not dismissing cultural differences, but celebrating them and recognizing the way they are reflected in our own cultures.

8 thoughts on “Cultural Standard D”

  1. Your poster was great. I really liked the Romeo and Juliet analogy, because those types of frameworks were the only was I was ever really able to study science: making up stories about little atoms and neurons, etc. all the processes and reactions in a literary sense made my brain cling onto them!

    1. Aw man, I wish I’d had your foresight about science! Things definitely ALWAYS made more sense to me in story format, which is why I struggled so much in math and then suddenly in college Statistics I got all As. *shakes fist at sky*

  2. Like Devin, I really liked this idea & the artwork on the poster itself. I would like to see what creative ideas students came up with for building connections between Romeo & Juliet and salmon. I am picturing some wild theater production in my head 🙂

    1. We were too! There could definitely be a full length play about Rom&Jul salmon–deny thy fishhook and refuse thy bait!

  3. Wonderful analogy of the concepts. I really like that your group found the parallel of raven marrying a raven in the Lingit culture with the Romeo and Juliet story. Very well done and very creative. I like it!

    1. Thanks! I would really enjoy reading a book/seeing a play that really delves into the complexities and cultural heritage that our group only touched on!

  4. You guys had an awesome poster– and I really like your idea! How cool! It is away to learn the story of Romeo and Juliet, for example.. while ALSO learning the story of salmon! The literature and science pieces are not only culturally relevant for many here in Alaska, but also allow students to learn about some important (so history says) literature.. as well as some very important local science and stories.

  5. I must agree with all the other posts! I really enjoyed seeing the connections you guys made between literature and science. I think students would have a great time delving even deeper. Great job!

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