Curriculum Culture Standard D

Curriculum Standard D: A culturally-responsive curriculum fosters a complementary relationship across knowledge derived from diverse knowledge systems.

A lesson that meets this cultural standard:

  1. draws parallels between knowledge derived from oral tradition and that derived from books;
  2. engages students in the construction of new knowledge and understandings that contribute to an ever-expanding view of the world.

A lesson for this standard could include a literature lesson featuring oral story telling and written stories drawing parallels with the overall themes from both traditional and western culture stories, much like Shaun’s lesson plan.

2 thoughts on “Curriculum Culture Standard D”

  1. Meghan,
    This standard and your lesson plan are great for including different types of learning styles-aural and visual. A lesson looking at different accounts of the same story would also be applicable for understanding different cultures…Different interpretations and cultural backgrounds lead to different accounts of the same story

  2. I forgot who wrote it, but there was an awesome lesson plan where the students read stories from Alaska Native oral traditions, and then wrote their own story based on their community with the same lessons. I really liked that proposal, because I keep thinking back to things like Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Aesop’s Fables and I’m having a hard time connecting those to the stories I’ve read from Alaska Natives – maybe that’s what would make the project interesting though.

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