Frog Girl

In simplicity comes elegance and I think that was Kathy Nielsen’s idea as she demonstrated how through children’s books we can teach adult lessons.

IMG_1879This being one of Angie’s favorite books I would be afraid to assigning anything under a 3 for all areas of the Evaluating Multicultural Literature Rubric. It seemed to have a well developed plot (albeit not quite on par with War & Peace), Paul Owen Lewis seems like he comes from a place authority, there was a authenticity through the characters and setting, the dialog is relevant and the theme being universal is why I chose this book.

Frog Girl is a story about how a little girl finds a frog civilization underneath a lake. One of the elder frogs in that civilization is worried because she cannot find her children while under the threat of a large erupting Pacific Rim volcano. Frog girl finds them and rushes them all to safety.

This story is applicable to a lesson covering the current 6th mass extinction period. I would apply the knowledge of the Tlingit people that only through having a respect for all beings and their habitat can we actually become stewards instead of exterminators. I would also use this to draw examples of how the lessons from many cultures can be adopted into our own to make our world a better place.

5 thoughts on “Frog Girl”

  1. Love that you are bringing in the theory regarding the 6th mass extinction event. This is a highly debatable subject that is not known but many outside of the science community. Seems like this good be a good way to approach the subject. Cheers, man.

  2. I have no clue what you are talking about with some of your comments, but love it as a whole. I love that you are taking the local Tliglit culture we are surrounded by with some students/teachers.. but broadening it to others. I feel like we need to broaden our scope in conversation in class to other cultures that we will be encountering this upcoming year– wherever we may be. Hearing stories and making analogies to our own lives is a great way to do so…

  3. Interesting it looks like it could be tied into a lot of biology/ earth science lessons. The artwork is pretty darn amazing as well.

  4. I really liked your tie in to mass extinction, really tying the culture to science….I think I read that frog populations are dying out in certain areas- they are such a delicate animal that they are one of the first to be effected by environmental changes. That could also be a way to tie into Cultural Standard B by connecting a tale that has been long told with current issues..

  5. I like how you were able to apply the story to an element that the larger populace may be able to relate to, such as extinction.

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