How Vacating a Traditional Diet Can Cause Detriments In Health

Students will look at the relationship between food and health by examining the departure from traditional diets as western culture becomes more of an influence on the lives of the Northern Athabascan People. Students will learn about traditional foods, availability during various seasons, and what may be causing the departure from this diet. Students will also look at the rise of various illnesses since the introduction of western food and distributors making it readily available in remote areas. Within the context of the ibook there will be charts and photos for identification of indigenous foods, videos explaining the problems with sugar and white flour amongst first nations people, and instructions for an interactive activity where students can visually measure the amount of sugar they might be consuming on a daily basis through beverages and snacks. Students will learn how health is tied to the areas that we occupy, the importance of a whole food diet, and also about food sovereignty.

2 thoughts on “How Vacating a Traditional Diet Can Cause Detriments In Health”

  1. Cecelia- awesome lesson! This is so important. And I think this is important for ALL Alaskan students/teachers/people to hear and listen to.

    I would love to be a part of getting this concept to the larger masses around the State. Let me know how I can assist you i making this happen.

  2. Hi, Cecelia!

    I really love this lesson idea. Not only does it provide a great opportunity to look into cultural change’s affects on native populations, but it also allows students to look at their own eating habits and see in what ways they can eat healthier.

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