Learning CRT

Culturally Responsive Thinking (CRT) is a method of teaching that allow students to learn about their surroundings in an entertaining and creative way. When Paula Savikko came in to present projects for science classes, she expressed important detail in field trips, interactions, community participation, and group thinking.

Paula showed slides about field trips where she took her class to Sandy Beach on Douglas island. She divided her students into groups and suggested roles for each group that needed to be fulfilled. The students decided what each role they fit best and were granted the freedom to pick the place for their research to be developed.

This particular field trip allowed students to demonstrate the knowledge that they obtained from previous classes. Paula demonstrated how to use each tool that would be needed on the upcoming field trip.

While the students were demonstrating their knowledge they were able to emerge themselves in the surroundings of the place they live. Beyond that, the students had a free range of ability to think. Instead of having a single answer to a single question, all questions were open-ended with no wrong answer. This allowed each student to reflect and respond in their own way and understanding.

Side Note:

The math trail was also a very entertaining exercise and demonstration of CRT. There is a way to incorporate CRT into any subject.

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