Oral Traditions Lesson Plan

Oral Traditions Lesson PlanStrong Man

My lesson embodies Cultural Standard D

1. draws parallels between knowledge derived from oral tradition and that derived from books;

2.engages students in the construction of new knowledge and understandings that contribute to an ever-expanding view of the world.

I tried to scaffold my lesson so that students would be able to understand the significance of all oral traditions – to see that they are more than just bedtime stories but a way in which a people can pass on their cultural knowledge and values to the next generation. I think having an Elder tell the story of Kagaasi initially, would help create those connections for students. Actually getting Ishmael Hope in the class to discuss how these traditional stories have influenced him in his life would be even better.

As far as constructing new knowledge and developing an ever-expanding view of the world, I tried to address this standard with the culminating project. I had a very diverse Anchorage school system in mind when I was planning this out. This is why I wanted students to be able to select a folktale from around the world. So the lesson is grounded in Alaska native culture but I want them to also look beyond Alaska. I am hoping that by digging for some historical and cultural context surrounding their chosen folk tale they will come to appreciate the stories in deeper, more meaningful way. And creating their own stories will allow them to process how these themes and values translate to modern day.



2 thoughts on “Oral Traditions Lesson Plan”

  1. I think having an Elder or some other expert speak is a fantastic idea! It’ll really ground your class in the level of respect they should be showing these stories, and it’ll be a great experience for them to have!

  2. You certainly placed a lot in your lesson. You will definitely create creative minds as you are moving along in your project. I like the balanced approach where you can learn both the local culture and others beyond the horizon.

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