Past, Present, Future

The cultural Standard my group discussed was standard B:

  • A culturally responsive curriculum recognizes cultural knowledge as part of a living and constantly adapting system that is grounded in the past but continues to grow through the present and into the future.

My group drew a poster depicting a Tlingit home, followed by a mission boarding school, followed by a current classroom. We felt this represented a culturally responsive perspective able to look to the past, present, and future.

Cultural Standard B is also the standard my lesson activity focuses on:

students start with a basic history of Athabascan fiddle and then look at how their fiddle tradition has bloomed into an internationally celebrated tradition and how fiddle is used to support a healthy community. Today there are so many resources available to learn and study about other communities and cultures, I think that Cultural Standard B is very possible to meet in the classroom.

2 thoughts on “Past, Present, Future”

  1. What a meaningful approach to a music lesson! How nice that the standard we discussed in class fits perfectly into your lesson 🙂

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