Reign, Matt Smith

During this assignment, I learned how easy it can be for students to design a power point that looks professional in an easy manner. When I was in school, I had a tough time trying to write dialogue while implementing photos in the same slide. That is something that Haiku Deck basically eliminates. I want my students to become familiar with a product such as this because it should help them in the future whether it be for another class or in a more professional environment. This website coud be used in an individual and a group project setting. I liked how we were given the chance to use it too with a lot of freedom because it was not only allowed them to express themselves, but also to play with the website.

Haiku Deck teaches problem solving as they should learn how to use it on their own, just as we did today. I would most likely use this website to have kids give a report on a reading, or with their own poetry. I will be in a high school english class for my placement  and so I want students to be able to use it to describe what they learned about a story or a character, and explain it to the class. I would also like for them to use the pictures to show what they imagine, and what they feel about the story, character, or poem. Overall it is a great website and I will definitely use it to expose them to a tool they could use for projects and presentations as well as to help them practice problem solving and troubleshooting something that are not familiar with.

Reign – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

3 thoughts on “Reign, Matt Smith”

  1. Matt,
    As a fellow Juneauite, I appreciated the light-hearted take on the Juneau weather, especially when you wrote “everyone laughs, when someone mentions blue sky.” I can tell you are close to its environmental roots!

  2. Hi Matt,

    I like the title that you chose and the images. Thanks for sharing a piece of your home.


  3. Matt,

    I adore your poem and imagery. Well done sir! Your poem is so elegant, and your words lyrical and full of lightness. I think Haiku deck was utilized to it’s full potential in your post and your assessment of it was spot on.

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