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The object that I took an interest in as I was jaunting my way through the SLAM was the mask which was made by Nathan Jackson. This mask was made in 1973, is from the Tlingit tribe, and is from Ketchikan. What drew me most to this object was the coloring and the hair that was coming out of the back. The colors accented each other beautifully and the secondary designs on it were also amazing. This was an artifact that immediately caught my attention. When I read the description I thought it was interesting that the mask was made from human hair, bear hide and buckskin. I found that to be incredibly cool that the architect of the mask used actual human hair in his artwork. I would love to know if this a mask that Nathan himself used, or who he made it for.

After talking to some classmates who were also looking at the mask I learned how masks such as this are worn, for what purpose they are worn, and what happens to them when the owner of the mask dies. I thought it was really interesting that the person who wears this mask sees out of the mouth, and not the eyes. This mask has a rich, deep history, and I would love to know more about it and its roots. IMG_0090

“Mask” Nathan Jackson, II-B-1683

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  1. Ha. Too funny. Not 100% on how this mask is so captivating but it got us both. Good pick Matt. I too enjoyed hearing more about masks, uses and practices. Thanks Mason!

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