Tear Down to Build Up

The highlight of our small group discussion for me did not come until the last person shared their takeaway message. And I was very happy to hear that it was one of hope. We are going to be on the forefront of educational change, which means that there is a huge opportunity for us to make a difference within our classrooms and extend it to the communities around us. Class stratification, racial discrimination, sexuality misunderstanding, and oppression of the “others” has been imbedded into so many different facets of society that it can be difficult to totality of negative impacts that  they have for all members of the community. On a more positive note, all forms of social oppression have been built or constructed by some person or group of people, and, as being constructed, they can be broken down and rebuilt into a system of equity and equality. And that gives me hope.

3 thoughts on “Tear Down to Build Up”

  1. I like that you pull the positive from a very dark topic. I agree that, as a “socially constructed” problem, we can deconstruct the system, and that gives up hope

  2. Thank you for sharing the hope in a dark topic. Because oppression has been systematically constructed, we also have the power to deconstruct it. I like the imagery of breaking down oppression to rebuild anew into a system of equity. This image holds a lot of power.

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