The Future is Now

So far this has been a great start to the MAT program. It is enjoyable and fun and I am learning at the same time. Today was a special day. The elder panel was moving and reflective. I thought that Selina Everson had some powerful words to say about the language and how hopeful she was that the Lingit language was going to be caring on. I think she is correct. I believe that the languages of Alaska are very important and it is crucial to keep them alive.
I have been learning the Lingit language over that past few years, and I plan to add it to my teaching as much as I can. My late grandmother Anita Lafferty thought it was equally important and she worked with the schools and different foundations to document the language and to get it out to as many people as she could. The values that the elders have and grew up with are strong and the new generations of kids and adults should listen and follow their words more often. This world would be a better place if we looked and listen more to the past and to the wisdom of our elders. The future is now and the past is our guide to present.

2 thoughts on “The Future is Now”

  1. I noticed you used Lingit instead of Tlingit. Is Lingit the more accepted spelling? or does it represent the language the Tlingit speak? Knowing you are studying the language, I will be asking a lot of questions.

  2. David, thank you for your words. I appreciate your focus on the present, using the past as a guide.

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