Thoughts on the Readings

I think the theme of the readings this week is: The power of culture and the roll the dominant culture plays in perpetuating the current systems that are in place.

Having never really defined culture before, I never really thought about the power it has. These readings helped me see what power I’ve had and some of the privileges I’ve never noticed before. The oppression seems minor or invisible as the system works for me. But it doest work for everyone and its my duty as a teacher to give students what they need succeed as best they can in a world that isn’t fair for all students yet.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Readings”

  1. Uhhh Meghan, you used the word “never” twice in one sentence. However, I think that strong of a word is important in the discussion that BH&H opened up. Strong words can have huge impacts on opening up strong discussion.

    1. Well thanks Reuben I will try to remember to remember to think to think about my word choice and repetitive language.

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