Treasure Map for Open Ears

Treasure Map for Open Ears provides places I found interesting to go and meditate. Some of these are places I’ve lived, others I’ve just visited. Although many of these are far away (you can’t walk, for sure) they encompass the idea that sounds all around us is intriguing and often ignored. Even the sounds of a city are interesting – as much are the sounds of trees, birds, and the wind.

Even if you cannot visit these places, I hope the brief descriptions give you the slightest hint of intrigue or mystery about what sounds and experiences you can find in places otherwise normal or mundane. Some of these places are unique, fascinating, and unlike anything else in the world – they, too, offer something unique to listen to (obviously…).

I added some videos for certain places that are… hard to describe. Take a trip with me.

Happy listening.



Update! (June 15 2016)

I decided to add some recordings from these various places, so now I don’t feel so bad! 🙂

Visit my AlaskanCabbage SoundCloud to read the descriptions!

I suppose its silly to do an audio adventure (of sorts) that covers thousands of miles and has no snippets of audio… but they say the imagination is powerful.

I found this fun to make, and I rewrote my descriptions for the places many, many times. Just typing that a place is interesting or has fascinating sounds doesn’t make it a vibrant thing to think about – putting that place on my map and giving it a sense of time and breath of culture makes it alive and interesting. Thinking about those trips to those places reminds me of what sounds I would hear there, and what feelings those places evoked. Maybe, just maybe, I gave someone a thread of that experience.

6 thoughts on “Treasure Map for Open Ears”

  1. Nice, very nice. I like that limitation of sound led to the use of words evoking sounds for you. The descriptions brought me there as a reader where I could feel the sounds. Eventually, I found a link to a little music which made for a cool short movie, but in some ways as English teacher in the making I was most impressed with the sounds you wrote.

  2. I love Banff! I’ve never been there but thanks for sharing. I hope to go someday. I climb a little and have spent time in J-tree also another magical place. Chicago, Chicago… I once made it from Ohare during a layover up to the top of the Sears tower and back to Ohare as they were boarding my next flight!

    1. Banff is one of those places you can only truly experience in person. They’ve got some good affordable hostels, too.

  3. Andy I love this! Everything from the title, to the descriptions, to the audio that transports your reader right into that time and space. What a cool way to use the mymaps to connect at such a personal level. I will for sure make an effort to just stop and listen more often. Gunalchéesh.

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