Walking in one world


Today during our Elder panel discussion, David Katzeek shared a thought from his grandfather.  Many folks who come from another culture/another world that is not Eurocentric will sometimes say they walk in two worlds.  Growing up my mother would tell me that I must learn to walk in two worlds, the predominantly white world that I attended at school, and then the traditional Asian Indian world that I lived at home.  David shared that his grandfather told him that we all live in one world, and that that was where we are right now.  Living in the present is a sometimes challenging task for me.  More often than not I find myself speculating about how future events might play out, goals I should work on to improve myself, or sometimes I ruminate on past actions that cannot be undone.  Living in the present is a gift that requires us to be aware of what is happening in the moment we inhabit.  As educators we are tasked with creating lessons that keep students in the moment and present in their own development. Everyone struggles to figure out their place in the world, as educators we can help guide student’s growth using empathy and understanding that we all share one world.  This thought was one of many I took away from today’s panel.

Every day I’m blown away by the care shown in nurturing us as future educators, and wisdom imparted by the incredible individuals that surround me here, from my peers to my instructors.

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  1. I think the message from David about living in one world is something that is important to remember, but it does not mean that two worlds do not exist. I think it is also important to remember that despite there only being one world, there are many ways in which that world is viewed.

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