Where am I from, MattyB

Where am I from ? – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;


Reflection on 6/14 assignment: “Where I’m From”

I reaffirmed that I am still not a poet although I do appreciate it.


With open arms I embrace the process, utilizing technologies available to me like Haiku Deck and Word Press. This was not without hiccups but not too daunting.

I could see using  Haiku Deck in the classroom with pointed/focused assignments that do not require scientific terminology or specific/detailed imagery and word press would be useful for group journaling.

3 thoughts on “Where am I from, MattyB”

  1. Hello Matt,
    Thank you for your interesting poem. I had troubles figuring out a tangible place to where you’re from. I am curious about where you call “home” and what memories you have from there. On the other hand, I find your poem very poetic, science and astronomy-filled, and something I would recommend you putting into an actual poem. It reads well and the pictures you selected as a background correlate perfectly.
    -Mason Shearer

  2. You’re a poet and didn’t know it.
    Created from stardust and serious lust.
    Gravity coaleced yo atoms, so you could collect yo datums.
    You’re story’s in stone, so through the ages it’ll be known
    We’ll see you out in the sea, which is .0000000001% whale pee.
    or maybe back in the dust of stars or better yet squire’s the bar.

  3. I like the abstract-ish intangibility. Makes this project ‘you-nique’. … … (Crickets) … …

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