Where I am from: Yaakwdaat Kwáan

Where I am From – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

I am from Yaakwdaat Kwáan, where the canoes rest, I am Galyáx Kaagwaantaan, L’uknaxh.adí Yadí, child of the coho

I am from glacial carved water ways, ocean surf lullabies, sleeping in the sand floor of canvas tents, fish camp summers
I am from hunters, fishers and berry pickers
I am from dry fish and strawberry fields
I am born of resilience, persistence and cultural resurgence

Reflection: What have I learned from this activity and how might I use the learning strategies and / or technology in my teaching placement?

I learned not everyone one has to be a poet to do this assignment. It was both fun and challenging to illustrate “where I am from” into 6 slides. I enjoyed learning how to use HaikuDeck and can see using it in my teaching placement as a visual representation or distillation of larger conversations.

However, if the intent of the assignment was to share something as intimate to me as where I am from, using stock photos did not work. My home, my culture and who I am can not be found in stock photos. I ended up using mostly photos of my own. Which worked, but made it a longer process than I think intended.


2 thoughts on “Where I am from: Yaakwdaat Kwáan”

  1. Hi, Jasmine. I like your Haiku Deck and writing. I think it’s great that the pictures and words that you choose have to do with food and food gathering. It is making me hungry. I look forward to hearing and reading more about you in the coming weeks.

  2. Thank you for sharing a bit of you in such a beautiful poem. The photos as you said connected you to the place you described.

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