Where I’m From: Full Circle

Where I’m From: Full Circle – Juneau to Erie and Back Again

Where I’m From: Juneau to Erie – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
This assignment made me think back to the times when I was a boy and to think about where I was from. After reading the poem “Where I’m From” written by George Ella Lyon, I thought about where I was from with a different lens. In the poem, the author doesn’t just list the actual places that she is from but things that make up where she is from. These things are like playing in the dirt and fudge and eyeglasses.

This method made me rethink the question and assignment and to think more abstractly. I dug into my mind and found the elements of where I am from and what made me who I am.

I think this Haiku Deck program can be very helpful in teaching and other presentations. I learned a new tool today and a new way look at where I am from.

4 thoughts on “Where I’m From: Full Circle”

  1. Sure, show two people fishing on the cover slide and of course I’ll bite. I am impressed with the metaphor, the parallels you’ve drawn from your starting point in the salmon’s life cycle to your present day. MJB

  2. I really like your mix of literal and non-literal slides to showcase where you’re from/who you are! Good job!

  3. I liked that you went full circle- I got a good perception for your dynamic childhood/”formative years” I’m glad you choose to talk about both places.

  4. I was thrown off by lake Eerie, but then I realized you moved to Pennsylvania in the next slide. Oops! Its awesome how a few words with imagery can help you tell a story.

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