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I come from a place that is rich in other’s culture.  Portland has a very specific vibe and for me, it feels like home.  I wrote a little thing to help bring some key words and imagery that reminds me of the Portland-metro area.  I spent a lot of time in the woods and yes, Sasquatch is a real thing.  I have never seen him myself but when I go out into these evergreen filled woods, it often looks “squatchy”.  Although I speculate if Sasquatch is an actual animal/person/beast thing, I know that being an Oregonian means that the legend must live on.  The Cascade Range is something dear to my heart in more than just a geologist-kinda-way (but that helps).  The Pacific Ocean is a place I go to embrace all my precious memories at the family beach house. Lincoln City and the Pacific Ocean go hand-in-hand for me and just the smells take me straight back to my very favorite memories of growing up.  Craft beers and cultured cuisine are some of Portland’s biggest selling points.  Food carts galore! But one thing that can never be explained is what is really meant by, “Keep Portland Weird”….because it really is something you have to feel and experience in this city I call home.

I have had some experience with Google My Maps so I decided to challenge myself and try something new.  I found Haiku Deck to have a simplistic user interface but it took some time to find where all the tools were located.  I think my biggest problem with Haiku Deck tools was there are no words to associate the symbols in the toolbox.  It was easy to use once all the tools/symbols became familiar.  Also, the product came out visually pleasing. That being said, I’m not sure if I would use this in a classroom setting to the effect of sending students home without some kind of introductory lesson or detailed instructions with screenshots.  The fact that it limits their options for editing and design is a major plus!

6 thoughts on “Where I’m From-PDX”

  1. Katie,
    I liked your input on the use of Haiku Deck to show geological and space science definitions. It seems like it would be very useful for that. Also, I like the sign “Keep Portland Weird!”

    1. Thank you! It is painted on the side of a building in downtown. Also, I noticed that the post had the wrong text so I hope you were able to see the edited version that helped explain the choice of words.

  2. It’s great to see some images of Portlandia and its surrounding area with simple text. It had the feel of an ad campaign. I felt especially lured by the cuisine.

    1. Thank you! The food carts are found throughout the city and there is never just one standing by itself. It makes the selection process difficult but the food is always tasty!

  3. Aw, this makes me miss living in Portland.

    I feel the same way as you do about HaikuDeck. Its limited design options can come in handy in a class of easily-distracted students, but I could also see many kids needing detailed instruction.

  4. Katie – Thanks for the lovely reminder of how wonderful Portland is! It’s fun to see these spots again. I really appreciate what you said about the legend of the Sasquatch living on. It is part of the culture in Oregon and I’ve seen statues in many small towns there. I think your students will enjoy your stories.

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