Historical Thinking

In preparation for this class I’d like students to

  1. View: Who is the historian in your classroom? I’ve used the TEDEd flipped lesson feature to curate a existing YouTube and turn it into a lesson to support our class on historical thinking.
  2. Read Thinking Like a Historian By Sam Wineburg
  3. Look at this online lesson What did Europeans see when they looked at the New World and the Native Americans?  3.3 MB pdf. It’s a one-sided account and the documents reveal a great deal about the cultural “lenses” that the Europeans “looked though.” Background to the lesson here.

Our class begins with a review of the three assignments above

Today we begin our study of historical thinking skills based on the work of Sam Wineburg and the Stanford History Education Group (SHEG). We will focus on three key skills – Sourcing, Contextualizing and Corroborating. See historical thinking chart (pdf at SHEG).

Here’s a copy of today’s presentation Teaching with Documents slides 1.6 MB pdf

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