Reflective question: "Are great teachers born or made?"

Monday June 13 in-class activities

As an ice breaker, I’ll give students an activity to design a great teacher -  a variation of “Tool 13: Brainstorm, Group, Label” from my Literacy Strategies Tool Kit (free PDF) Here's the work flow:

  1. Ask them to brainstorm all the words or phrases they can associate with “a great teacher.”
  2. Give them Post-Its and asked them to write one associated word or phrase on each sheet.
  3. Put them in groups and ask them to share their Post-its and thinking. Then design an illustration that captured their collective thinking. And be prepared to share that with the class.
  4. Working in fours synthesize their individual brainstorming into a collective vision on large paper, then take turns sharing and responding to questions.

Then I’m giving my students a copy of my 1971 student teaching evaluation (2 page pdf) Quite a relic – Why did I save it?

We’ll examine it as an historic document with a critical eye for exploring what my supervising teacher valued back in 1971.

Here's a few of the slides from my presentation Intro slides 1.1MB pdf

Next, we'll use Kahoot!, a free online quiz game builder, to demonstrate the challenge of constructing meaning without background knowledge. The source photos for this quiz came from "The Disciples" - photography by James Mollison. The historic painting is available from the instructor by request (copyright issues here). 

Finally, we'll wrap up with a deconstruction of the day's lesson.

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