Multicultural Education Final Reflections

  1.  Please reflect on the following Essential Question that has been posted on the front wall for the last three weeks:

How does understanding culture and power impact your teaching?

2.  Pick three terms that resonate with you from the Multicultural Education word wall. Define the terms and discuss why you chose these three terms.

3.  Describe your plan to teach in a culturally responsive way in the coming year. Include teaching strategies you might employ as well as content/units you will implement.

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Culturally Responsive Lesson Plan/Unit Plan

Please post your culturally responsive lesson/unit plan including any materials you have created (lab sheets, graphic organizers, etc.), photographs, diagrams, any other visuals, and links to resources. (Save this version as a pdf and keep it for later posting in your portfolio).

In the blog post accompanying your lesson/unit plan, please describe the cultural standard you believe is most clearly linked to your plan and explain how your plan embodies the spirit of that cultural standard.

Read and respond to at least five posts in this category (Lesson).

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Understanding by Design Template

Here is the Understanding by Design template we will be using for our unit plans during the fall semester. You may use the template for your lesson plan for the iBook if you would like to gain some experience working with the template:UbD Template_2016.

Here is the UbD I created for this course – just to give you an idea on organizing a unit plan: UbD_ED680.

Click here for more information on essential questions.

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Using Multicultural Literature in the Secondary Classroom

You will need the following documents for the presentation by Kathy Nielson:

Using Picture Books in the Secondary Classroom: picture books

Evaluating Multicultural Literature: Rubric for multi- cult Lit

Ching, H.S.D. Multicultural children’s literature as an instrument of power. Language Arts, Vol. 83 No. 2, November 2005.

Please use the rubric for evaluating multicultural literature to evaluate at least one children’s book found on the bibliography (found in the “picture books” link above). Then, describe how you would use one book in your content area. Post your work under the category of LIT.

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Beyond Heroes and Holidays Discussion

We “jigsawed” the reading of several sections from:

Lee, E., Menkart, D., and Okazawa-Rey, M., eds. 2006. Beyond Heroes and Holidays: A Practical Guide to K-12 Anti-Racist, Multicultural Education and Staff Development. Washington, D.C.: Teaching for Change.

Each group of four then shared the essence of the section they read and discussed. Please comment on a highlight from the small group discussion OR the whole group share out and post it in the BH&H category.

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