Understanding by Design Template

Here is the Understanding by Design template we will be using for our unit plans during the fall semester. You may use the template for your lesson plan for the iBook if you would like to gain some experience working with the template:UbD Template_2016.

Here is the UbD I created for this course – just to give you an idea on organizing a unit plan: UbD_ED680.

Click here for more information on essential questions.

Image source: http://api.ning.com/files/qoUBvTnr87DoUXypLZ3MO21aamEJL7nJg3rREACs-cqZRjYR0SIMX5rvQGINYS7-sALPMAiCsfNj5WMf-TFBkPf*si3y8eQH/biggs.gif?width=410

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