ALST600 Reflection

A final reflection on ALST600

I learned so much from this Peter’s history class. Not just the content, from our own research, but subtle teaching skills. One of which was the scaffolding he provided. This class involved using technology quite a bit and for some people it can be intimidating. The scaffolding helped, first we started out with simple blog post, watched Peter’s youtube videos and learned how to make our own instructional ones. Eventually we built an incredible iBook complete with culturally responsive lessons. Along the way I learned that I am in love with the idea of flipped classrooms and using resources before class to save class time for projects.  In my ibook lesson I tried to use some of newly learned techniques, first and foremost allowing for student exploration rather than the traditional lecture and question answering. I want to conduct my class with a similar atmosphere of my students learning by doing.

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