Final Reflection- 600

 Project based learning was (and is) a great way to get into the material and experience learning on my own. I was able to focus on the topics that I found interesting, while still learn about the topics of my groupmates.
As a teacher, project-based learning could serve as a as a great barometer to gauge the different interests of the students. From here, lessons could be planned in order to capture the attention of your students, which provides relevancy to the subject matter.
The teacher in me learned that educating students has to be a flexible and malleable process. Sometimes, lesson plans work exactly as planned. But other times, most times, curveballs come into the plan and adjustments have to be made. Projects are a great tool that a teacher can use to be flexible. They can be modeled to allow students certain creative liberties, which I think is an invaluable learning opportunity for youth.

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