Cultural Standard A

“A culturally-responsive curriculum reinforces the integrity of the cultural knowledge that students bring with them”

Creating our poster for this exercise was almost effortless. One we picked a letter theme, R, the rest just fell into place. Constantly the theme of nourishment comes up when we discuss Culturally Relevant Education. This is because as educators, facilitating education doesn’t just mean feeding the mind, it means acceptance of individuals, meeting people as whole individuals where they are at, and creating a space of relevancy for their identities. When we looked at cultural standard a, there are multiple strategies that came up that could support that standard as a value. It is important that we recognize that our students have roots and cultures that deserve respect.

We can check in our curriculum standards with these R words…

Responds and Reflects
Makes Relevant

One thought on “Cultural Standard A”

  1. I felt like I was in the best little mini seminar with your groups poster… 6 R’s totally worked and have stuck in my mind since. Great job! Might be worth reproducing or sending to the alaska department of education =)

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