Curriculum Standard D


For this assignment, our group was given the curriculum standard D, which is: a culturally responsive curriculum fosters a complementary relationship across knowledge derived from diverse knowledge systems. Our group discussed for several minutes on how we can relate something from a textbook into the Native culture. Our group decided to choose “Romeo and Juliet” to draw a parallel and we chose to make our poster about it by using salmon, raven, and peter pan as characters.

This standard is useful for educators who would like to teach students about another culture by finding ways to relate it to the students’ own culture. It’s difficult to see the parallel often, so this standard requires an individual to be inventive. It took our group several minutes to come up with the ideas Romeo and Juliet, salmon, raven, and peter pan.

2 thoughts on “Curriculum Standard D”

  1. Jimmy,

    your teams poster was incredibly artistic and insightful. I think the parallels your group drew were also powerful. Especially the retelling of Romeo and Juliet. I agree that as educators we need to be inquisitive and insightful with drawing the parallels for their students.

  2. I enjoyed the parallels your group came up with, it does take extra time but when you find that relationship and commonality that really hits home it makes such a difference. The “ooooohhhh” realization from the students when you guide them to these connections is one of my favorite things about working with students. Job well done!

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